artist's bio

Hari on his real name Patrascu Hariton, born in Dracula's homeland in the mountains of Transylvania ,has his first contact with music early in his childhood when he started breakdancing and founded a crew .During his fifteen years of breakdancing he felt very inspired by Afrika Bambaataa music , James Brown, Dj Shadow and many others.
   The dj-ing career started as a hobby in 2007 playing Deep House and Tech House tunes at several private parties and small bars and clubs in his hometown, Alba Iulia. His passion for underground house music became more than a hobby in 2010, when he was asked to become a resident Dj at a local underground club named EXIT, along with his friend, Zarafu, they started playing together under the name of AudioMUTZ. Their music could be heard at several underground clubs and public radios in Transilvania, Romania such as Raum Club and Dot after-hours Club in Cluj Napoca, and the list goes on and on.