artist's bio

  •   Born and raised in Bacau, he grew up around the famous Zebra Club and witnessed big acts first hand, being impressed from a young age by the performances of DJs and producers.
  •   It was not long after until he started making his own music and label, Zebra Rec. while playing his sets around at local parties, soon gaining a reputation in the local rominimal and micro-house scene, as part of the new wave.
  •   His performances and productions got enough attention to put him on display so he performed at Maraton, Stump London, Citadela Festival, Dancing Mountains or Afterhills and many more amazing festivals and parties.
  •   His second release “The Way of life” secured him a track on the massive “Telurian” compilation and gave him the chance to go deep in the industry, by playing along the likes of Raresh, Priku, Petre Inspirescu, Cap, Bryz, Cally, Vid and many others.
  •   Now he is focusing on new productions and collaborations, consolidating his position on the market by always learning and cultivating his love for music.