artist's bio

  • Popiq's journey began on the decks, back in 2017, spinning sonic tapestries that quickly caught the attention of audiences and fellow artists alike.

  • Three years into his DJing career, Popiq expanded his sonic exploration into the realm of music production. Since 2020, he's been crafting intricate, compelling soundscapes that echo his influences while establishing a unique sonic signature. His productions retain the deep, minimalistic aesthetic that defines his DJ sets, yet they present a new facet of Popiq's artistic vision.

  • In the studio, Popiq approaches music production with the same attention to detail and storytelling that makes his DJ sets so captivating. With each release, he continues to push boundaries, delivering a fresh perspective on the music that shapes the Rominimal, Minimal, Microhouse, and Deep Tech genres.
  • Although still in the early stages of his production career, Popiq has made a significant impact with his unique approach. His work echoes passion, dedication, and musicality, signaling an exciting future for this multifaceted artist.

  • As both a DJ and a producer, Popiq stands at the intersection of technical skill and artistic expression, striving to make inspiring beats and memorable sets.