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Real name: Raduca Marius Andrei, born in 1988 in Brasov, now living in Cluj Napoca since 2012. The genres I’m into are Minimal, Micro-House, Techno and Tech-House. Each and every one of my sets is trying to send a message, guide you through a story usually inspired by things from daily basis, things that are sometimes perceived as ordinary and sometimes seem hard to understand or too subtle for our hectic lives, but carefully selected, transposed musically, they gain a special value, becoming perfect rhythms.
My musical story dates back from 2006, when I started enjoying genres as techno and minimal through DJs as Andy Morehouse, Livio & Roby and Ali Nasser, while considering them an influence. Discovering this passion, or better said love for music, I got on stage for the first time in 2012, at the Mox festival, returning every year at it, until 2017 inclusive. I kept on performing at festivals like Electric Castle 2015/2016/2017,, Untold Featival 2017, Stereo September 2015, Chillorium 2015, Sons Of Gaia 2016/2018, Spirit Fest 2016, BlajAlive 2016, Green Sensation 2014/2015, Floating Beats 2015, Feleacu Summer Games 2016/2017, CBF 2017, Double Rise Festival 2019, DAVA Festival 2019, Music Festival 2021. I had the pleasure to share the stage with artists like: Troy Pierce, Fatima Hajji, Annie Errez, Matt Sassari, Douglas Greed, Christopher Ledger, Camea, GOLAN, Silent Strike and many others.
In 2017 i get my licence as a DJ, I founded my own concept "Trei" and make ClujUndergroundMusic which I am currently working on.
In the beginning of 2018 I release my first track on beatport "Epulari" with PureEnjoymentRecordings, after that until the present i start to release tracks on my bandcamp page and also on various compilations in collaboration with "Din Subsol", "Organic Society" etc... I also founded in 2021 a trio project based on music production named "TT" and make our first release named "420"...


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