Sebastian Eric

artist's bio

Sebastian Eric is a Romanian DJ / Producer, established in UK where discovered electronic underground music in London night clubs from where also was inspired in his style which is a combination of Techno, Tech, Minimal, where u can find his mark on a dark and strange sounds on energetic rhythm.
   In 2012 start a lots of events around England and Romania under the name “Reset Privat” where he shared this style of music to the crowd.
   Was Resident at Output / Backspace Birmingham (UK) where has had the opportunity to share a desk with many names like Raresh, Barac, Valentino Kanzyani, Nima Gorji, Bill Patrick, Praslea, Sepp, Dubtil, Cally and many others who are also to support him in his own production with a series of digital Ep and vinyls over the years!.
   Now is Resident at Zebra Booking Agency where you can found more about him!